CES & ISE 2024


CES 2024: AI, immersive audio and connectivity – can you ask for more?

With AI being at the top of the agenda at this year’s CES – we couldn’t help but notice some interesting audio products and features that seem to be quite promising. Here are the standout features and products that made it to our short list:

Matter Video Casting: initially supporting streaming content from Amazon’s Prime Video app, to Echo Show devices and with Fire TV adding the functionality – it shows a clear way to a future cross-platform casting solution. Will Apple and Google join Amazon’s effort to bring one casting protocol to rule them all? Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.
As we see a chance for audio casting via Matter too, we joined this working group and are actively contributing to the specification and implementation to make it happen.

Flexible rendering: Dolby Atmos Flex connect and Fraunhofer upHear – a new era of home audio enjoyment, enabling immersive audio experiences without needing fixed speaker placement or specific audio content requirements. Having showcased both – we can confirm – it makes a difference!

Victrola Stream Sapphire another great product that caught our eyes and ears. With a suggestive name – it brings a much-needed refresh and a touch of innovation to the turntable world.
Sonus Faber Suprema – the million euro home music system? 750.000 EUR to be precise – but hey, at this point who’s counting, right? If you were wondering about a good way to spend some spare change – look no further. But, in all honesty – the system does look like it can give its owners a run for their money.

ISE2024 – the busiest it’s been post-COVID-19, with more than 73 000 unique visitors.

Dante/Ravenna/AES67: These robust networking protocols are the backbone of professional audio installations in conferencing, digital signage, and live events. We’re committed to ensuring our solutions seamlessly integrate with these standards, enabling reliable and scalable audio distribution across complex environments.

Single Hardware, Multiple Zones: There’s growing interest in leveraging a single hardware unit to facilitate audio playback across multiple zones within connected home environments. This concept allows for streamlined audio distribution and control, offering a cohesive listening experience throughout different home areas while saving hardware costs. We have showcased our Multi-Stream solution – demonstrating the practical implementation and benefits of this innovative approach to connected home audio.

AC Connect: To overcome the limitations of existing casting solutions, Artist Connection is developing their AC Connect feature to make it possible to stream premium/high bitrate immersive content over the network to the audio equipment. As we are a big fan of the “pure” audio experience, we are very happy to see this and will be the first system integrator to implement it.

Beyond these trends and innovations, we were impressed by the overall emphasis on creating accessible and user-friendly audio solutions. At StreamUnlimited, we share this vision, and we’re dedicated to developing innovative technologies, empowering users to experience the magic of audio in any way they choose. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!