State of the art EMC lab in Vienna, providing facilities for a wide range of use cases, and for hire independently or with accompanying expert guidance


  •  Pre-compliance measurements to ensure products pass certification
  • EMC troubleshooting for third-party developed solutions
  • RF and antenna verifications; wireless performance measurements and tuning
  • AirPlay 2 verification measurements
  • EMC reviews
  • EMC concept development
  • Inter-co-operation with other test houses, nationally and internationally


  • Immunity and emmission, especially acc. to EN 55032 and EN 61000
  • Internal EMC (self-pollution);  proprietary and customer defined methods and limits


  • All facilities can be rented for debugging and pre-testing at competitive rates 
  • Short-course introductory training required 

Facilities and Equipment

  • 5 x 2.5m shielded room 
  • Fully anechoic chamber for emission and radiated immunity measurement (up to 6GHz emission, 2.8 GHz immunity)
  • ESD test bench with ESD simulators up to 30kV  
  • Mains test bench (EFT / burst, mains drop, mains failure)
  • Mains terminal disturbance voltage (LISN) 
  • Spectrum analyzers up to 20 GHz
  • Signal generators up to 3 GHz
  • Real-time oscilloscopes up to 3 GHz
  • Analog & digital audio analyzers (R&S, AudioPrecision)
  • Video generators & analyzers
  • WiFi/ BT communication tester 
  • Universal radio communications tester including Bluetooth (R&S CMU200)
  • In addition to standard EMC test equipment, all signal sources and analyzers in our development lab are also available for use during EMC measurements

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