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Help us to build the technology behind the world’s most renowned brands in segments including smart speakers and multichannel soundbars, smart home and high-end audio. 

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Senior Software Developer 
in StreamUnlimited since 2007

I’ve always had a passion for working with (lower-level) frameworks, technologies, components like GStreamer, PipeWire, Qt, but finding opportunities to pursue it professionally was a challenge. However, at StreamUnlimited, I found the perfect opportunity to integrate my hobby into my work.

Trying out new stuff outside my hobby, I experienced significant personal and professional growth. I found joy in sharing my knowledge through documentation and learned the importance of effective communication. What’s more, the new skills I acquired at StreamUnlimited I can integrate into my toy projects.

For me, working with these technologies isn’t just about the tech—it is about processing audio in its purest form. I value the independence and efficiency it offers, allowing me to delve deep into the code without the constraints of large teams.

My journey teaches me the power of pursuing my passions and the growth that comes with it.

From tinkering with electric motors as a kid, I knew electronics were my thing. That passion supported my decision to study electrical engineering in high school and then dive deeper into computer science at university. During a career fair, I ran into Peter Sumega, the High End &Cedia Director at StreamUnlimited. Little did I know, my student project would lead to a 10-year career path! I made friends in the team and was given the opportunity to take on an important role that allows me to work on interesting things and make decisions.

Additionally, I’m not bothered by the hurdles of the usual big corporations. The part I like most about being a senior software engineer and architect at StreamUnlimited is that I have the possibility to really improve things and not only touch the surface.

Senior Software Engineer and Architect

in StreamUnlimited since 2013

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