High-end streaming speaker solution

The StreamAmp module is an ideal solution for any active stereo speaker product that is designed to provide outstanding sound. StreamUnlimited expertise ensures that state of the art amplification, audio streaming functionality and audio processing capability is included in one package. An iOS / Android app for control and setup is included, which connects the end user seamlessly with all major music services. Power supply and amplification is realised through a StreamUnlimited partnership with Hypex, relying on the popular NCORE Class-D technology. The selected components and the audio signal flow have been designed to provide very low distortion figures, making them ideal for the high-end audio segment.



Base Functionality

  • Hypex NCORE amplifiers NC122MP (2 x 125W @ 4Ω) or NC252MP (2 x 250W @ 4Ω)
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection
  • Audio inputs: HDMI eARC, Analog, SPDIF
  • Illusonic audio processing (crossovers & loudspeaker compensation)
  • BLE remote control support
  • Digital audio link with cable (up to 192kHz/32Bit)
  • iOS / Android control app
  • Capacitive control panel with LED level meter and 5 buttons which can be freely assigned on host speaker
  • Up to 4 way speakers 

Multiple Services

  • Spotify Connect
  • TIDAL Connect
  • AirPlay 2
  • Airable Radio index and podcasts
  • UPnP / DLNA media -renderer
  • Roon*
  • Optional subwoofer output*
  • Dante Rx on host speaker*
  • Dirac room correction*
  • Amazon Music, inc. HD*
  • USB audio input*

     items marked * are options       only, restrictions apply*

key benefits

  • Excellent audio quality
  • Music services fully certifiable and implemented in accordance with official regulations
  • Designed and manufactured in Europe
  • Select audio connectors from a list of options and the backplate of the product will be manufactured accordingly
  • Fast time to market
  • Consideration for long-term maintenance

Block Diagram

Measurement Example

Audio Precision J-Test (optical input, 2x 8W output using 2x 125W amplifier) Sinewave 2kHz at -12dBFS with sinewave 250Hz at -112dBFS.

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