Titanium – The latest StreamSDK update


It’s official! Stream2Go: Music and Stream2Go: Cast are now integrated into the StreamSDK mainline.
Stream2Go is our all-in-one solution, made for you to build low-cost Wi-Fi audio streaming products.
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Pre defined solution.
Pre certified software.
Premier foundation.

With Stream2Go: Music, you can expect a well-thought-through array of the most common streaming features, including AirPlay Audio, Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, DAB+FM, and Airable. It’s perfectly suited for tabletop radios, streaming and portable speakers or even to upgrade existing Bluetooth-only speakers to WiFi-based Smart Speakers.

Stream2Go: Cast covers all casting use cases, by including Chromecast built-in 2.0, AirPlay Audio and Spotify Connect. That way you have the full range of end users covered, from Android to iOS. Now all your hopes and Streams can come true!

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So what about the service updates?
This release contains important updates for Chromecast built-in 2.0, Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect and the NXP Audio Framework. They’re not just about making StreamSDK better, but making it Titanium-solid, ensuring readiness for certifications. Let’s get into it!

Google Chromecast built-in 2.0
Now upgraded to version RC10 for an unparalleled casting experience.

USB audio Soundcard Input Support for Stream1955
Titanium now enables USB-audio soundcard input support for all Stream1955 music software builds. Simply use the USB Type-B port on your StreamKit1955 and select USB-audio in the StreamControl App for seamless playback convenience. Piece of cake!

Spotify Connect Update
Our Spotify Connect integration receives an upgrade to the latest eSDK, ensuring optimal compatibility and functionality for Spotify Connect users.

TIDAL Connect
TIDAL Connect now includes Hi-Res for TIDAL Max subscribers, providing audiophiles with an unmatched streaming experience.

NXP Audio Framework v3 4.0.0
Experience enhanced audio performance and stability with the latest iteration of the NXP Audio Framework version 3 4.0.0.

Major Codebase Rework for STM32 Host Controller
Witness a significant revamp with STM32 host controller; we’ve undertaken major codebase rework for improved efficiency and reliability.

And of course, there are the bugs…
At StreamUnlimited, we’re all about creating the best user experience. We continuously monitor and address any bugs or issues that arise, and that’s why our partners choose us.

A few things to look forward to in our next update…

StreamAnalytics – Get visual usage insights to make the best decisions for your marketing strategies and future product development. All with a simple update from StreamSDK.

Airable API 2.0 – Seamlessly integrate top-tier music services like Idagio and Sony Select Hi-Res into your applications and platforms.

SoundtrackYourBrand – Explore tailored playlists, licensing solutions, and customizable soundtracks to enhance any setting, from retail stores to offices.