The Solution to Build Wi-Fi High-End Headphones


Could wireless headphones ever surpass the audio quality of wired connections? Now they can. As technology advances, the demand for audio solutions that combine exceptional sound with convenience continues to grow. Today’s listeners are seeking freedom from wires without sacrificing audio quality. In response to this evolving market demand, we are excited to introduce Stream210 – the first platform of its kind for integrating high-resolution, lossless audio streaming into both premium and high-end wireless headphones. Stream210 is designed to meet these customers’ expectations, allowing audio brands to enhance their wireless headphone portfolio, improve Bluetooth models, or develop entirely new product lines.

Strategic Advantages
By integrating Stream210, audio brands can leverage several strategic benefits:
– Advanced Wireless Capabilities: Stream210 enriches wireless headphones with Wi-Fi streaming capabilities, ensuring that streaming high-quality content reaches customers’ ears in its intended form.
– Seamless Ecosystem Integration: Beyond individual products, Stream210 facilitates a holistic integration across a brand’s suite of audio devices, ensuring seamless connectivity and maintaining consistent, high-fidelity sound throughout different living spaces.

Technological Innovations
Equipped to support multiple premium audio streaming services natively, Stream210 allows the mobile device to be used for content browsing while the audio is streamed directly via an onboard Wi-Fi 6 certified transceiver. This innovation opens a new world of high-definition, lossless streaming directly to your ears. The built-in high-quality DAC and headphone amplifier support up to 192KHz/24 bit audio, with the option to connect any DAC via I2S for even more enhanced performance if needed. Unlike other solutions that use Wi-Fi as a backup for Bluetooth, headphones based on Stream210 utilize the higher bandwidth of the Wi-Fi interface permanently while also supporting Bluetooth Classic, LE audio, and Auracast for the most comprehensive connectivity.

Industry Impact
Adopting Stream210 not only meets the current consumer demands but also positions audio brands at the forefront of future audio innovations, setting new industry standards and significantly enhancing the listening experience.

At StreamUnlimited, we are dedicated to driving this innovation, providing our partners with the necessary resources to lead in a rapidly evolving market. We offer a comprehensive reference design to kick-start product development, ensuring our partners can quickly and efficiently bring these innovative capabilities to market.

For more information and to discover how Stream210 can be customized to enhance your product line, please reach out to us.