StreamSDK Release: Vanadium


Vanadium SDK release

As you may know, in the beginning of June we announced our Vanadium release! This being the latest version of StreamSDK, packed with new features and improvements designed to enhance your audio and IoT products.

So, what’s new?

StreamAnalytics is a cloud-based analytics tool, allowing you to gain deeper insights into customer behavior. It offers detailed usage analysis via a customizable dashboard. Data is accumulated 24/7, allowing you to track overall usage across your entire portfolio of connected devices. All with a simple update from StreamSDK. For more details, check out the StreamAnalytics page on our website!

Other updates you’ll want to know about…

Our updated Airable API 2.0 for Music Services supports additional music services, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced performance. Note that Radio and Podcasts will continue to use Airable API 1.0 until further updates are available.

The next StreamSDK update version 24.2 — Chromium

What can you expect?

  • “Soundtrack your brand” music service integration
  • NXP Audio Framework version 3.5
  • and more …