StreamSDK Lite

StreamSDK packed in a Linux container for
easier deployment to host systems.

Your Benefits

Secure & easy integration

Securely isolated, the StreamSDK Lite container stands apart from the host system.

High flexibility

Flexibility through modular design in StreamSDK Lite.

Easy upgradability

Supports easy OTA updates, needing only the StreamSDK Container binary to be updated.

Your Use Cases

Add streaming capabilities

We incorporate streaming capabilities into existing or brand-new products that are not necessarily based on StreamSDK.

Add features to your product

Enhance existing audio products’ streaming and IoT capabilities, integrating advanced connectivity features for smarter device interaction.


Enables simultaneous streaming from multiple music sources to different zones on a single hardware module.

Main Interfaces

Control Interface

The StreamAPI interface will be used to access playback metadata, source switching, and account settings.

Audio interface

Network access

The StreamSDK Lite Container can either be assigned a dedicated IP address or be completely hidden behind the host system’s IP address (NAT).

StreamSDK Lite Requirements

Must have

Nice to have