Axpona & High End Munich 2024



AXPONA 2024 proved to be an impactful event, claiming the title of the largest audio show in the States. Over 200 exhibit rooms showcased diverse audio technologies, attracting approximately 10,000 attendees from around 50 countries. The overall vibe was relaxed, with a diverse crowd from industry vets to first-timers, young families to audiophiles – showing a genuine appreciation for quality audio technology.

The trend towards streaming continues to grow, with more audiophiles moving away from traditional systems in favor of high-quality streaming options. Despite it being our first appearance at the event, we were recognized for our leadership in streaming software. Many attendees praised our solutions, reinforcing our reputation for top-tier streaming technology.

We were happy to meet known faces and chat with audiophiles and music lovers. 
Among the standout setups were the MBL 101 MKII omnidirectional loudspeakers, driven by MBL 9011 mono amplifiers, paired with the MBL C41 streaming DAC. This setup creates a unique 3D sound environment that stands apart from others by eliminating the typical sharpness and harshness of the sound. 

Wilson Audio Specialties showcased its elegant Sasha V speakers, powered by Moon by Simaudio’s amp and preamp. The system featured a Moon streaming DAC and a Clearaudio Signature turntable with a Hana Unami Blue cartridge, all connected with high-quality Kubala-Sosna cables for an outstanding audio experience.

The T+A R 2500 R Multi Source Receiver was another highlight, combining full preamp functions and streaming into a high-performance unit. It delivers up to 250Wpc, features a Class AB stage biased towards Class A for superb sound quality, and supports extensive connectivity options like Bluetooth, AirPlay, and HDMI. Ideal for audiophiles, this receiver ensures seamless integration with diverse audio systems.

The Aries Cerat Aurora, priced at $150,000, stood out with its unique cubic design and advanced audio tech. It features a swirl-like horn for its midrange and a waveguide for the ribbon tweeter, along with four woofers in a folded open-baffle configuration. The Aurora also offers a Bluetooth-adjustable crossover, allowing users to optimize sound performance for their specific room conditions.

Falcon Acoustics introduced their 2024 limited edition BBC LS3/5A speakers, priced between $4,530 and $5,268. Crafted in the UK, these speakers maintain the classic appeal of the original LS3/5A with an English Burr Elm veneer and vintage Tygan grille cloth from 1975. They’re equipped with pair-matched drivers and high-quality components.

Also Prof. Edgar Choueiri was showcasing BACCH Labs spatial audio solution relying on a standard pair of stereo speakers. The technology points to the future of audio delivery, potentially simplifying the way immersive productions are presented to listeners, making high-end audio experiences more accessible and straightforward for everyday users.

AXPONA 2024 was too much to cover in one go, hence we’ve only scratched the surface here, but every booth and demo brought something unique to the table. We look forward to next year, when StreamUnlimited will be exhibiting in a small, convenient booth for business meetings while brewing some authentic Austrian coffee.

High End

This year’s High End show was our busiest yet, with back-to-back meetings everyday  – talk about networking! The event highlighted significant advancements in audio streaming technology, showcasing several important innovations and trends that are set to influence the industry.

Let’s dive into the interesting highlights of the show:

Arcam introduced its new Radia series, including the SA45 and SA35 all-in-one streaming systems. These models feature Class G amplification and HDMI ARC, making them compatible with modern AV setups. Their high-resolution displays and user-friendly interfaces underscore Arcam’s commitment to combining advanced functionality with ease of use​.

A significant highlight was Luxman‘s NT-07, the brand’s inaugural network music streamer. This high-end component promises exceptional audio fidelity and extensive streaming capabilities, catering to audiophiles seeking top-tier performance from their streaming devices.

Q Acoustics introduced the 3000c series, an entry-level speaker range that delivers high-quality sound without breaking the bank. Featuring advanced driver technology and elegant designs, these speakers aim to make high-fidelity audio more accessible.

Mission unveiled the 778 series, including the compact 778CDT and 778S hi-fi separates. These components complement the existing 778X amplifier, offering a powerful, space-efficient solution for high-quality audio streaming.

Pure Audio, renowned for their immersive and hi-resolution Blu-ray discs, is diving into the streaming world with Pure Audio Streaming. Launching in Q4 2024 on Artist Connection, this service promises to redefine the listening experience with high-resolution and immersive audio streams. We are curious to see it in action!

The High End Show Munich 2024 demonstrates the audio industry’s commitment to continuous innovation in streaming technology. With advancements in DACs, amplification, and user interfaces, the future of audio streaming looks promising. These innovations not only enhance the listening experience but also make high-quality audio more accessible to a broader audience. As the technology evolves, we can expect even more seamless integration, improved sound quality, and greater convenience, setting new standards in the audio streaming industry.