Voice Assistants

Various voice assistant solutions are available in StreamSDK, either as an individual or multi-assistant configuration.

White Label Voice Assistant

A local Edge Voice assistant enables complete product control and smart integration with or without a cloud connection. Even multi-voice products in combination with cloud-based solutions are supported. The Wake word can be fully customized

Edge: running on the
embedded device, no
Internet connection

Hybrid: the best of both
worlds, offering local control
combined with cloud-based
assistant interaction.

Cloud: host your
customized voice assistant
in the cloud or on-premise.

Siri Voice Assistant

Apple and StreamUnlimited are working together to support projects with integrations of Apple Siri, as a valuable accessory to the millions of HomePods in the marketplace. StreamUnlimited supports OEM discussion with Apple, hardware module selection and software integration through to productization, testing, and certification. Apple Siri, with proprietary wake word AEC technology, provides the ability to control AirPlay audio, smart home automation with HomeKit devices and classic voice assistant tasks such as scheduling, timers and weather updates.

Other Voice Assistant

Google Voice Assistant*

Amazon Alexa*

Tencent Xiaowei*

* StreamUnlimited are established as a System Integrator for the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Tencent Xiaowei, with products in the market across all platforms. Whilst productization with these features is currently approved by the ecosystem providers only on a case by case basis, StreamUnlimited retains the experience and infrastructure to react quickly for projects achieving this approval

Combine Multiple Assistants

Configurable Scenes

Hybrid Voice Assistant



3D Audio ​

StreamUnlimited offers Development Kits for evaluation and product planning, register here for more information:

* Business contacts only; we regret that we cannot support private projects.