Voice Control

Voice Control HighEnd

StreamUnlimited are primed to help our customers with the integration of Voice technology, with a fully native implementation of both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant into StreamSDK. We are also developing across all voice service providers and technology leaders in keyword detection, echo cancellation and microphone arrays.

Google Assistant

Google Voice Assistant (GVA)

  • Google Assistant is available as stand alone feature as well as integrated into the StreamSDK
  • StreamUnlimited will assist in the development of your Google Voice Assistant product, from concept, through to production, testing and certification.
  • GVA combined with Chromecast built-in enhances the user experience with music service voice control.
  • Operate and control multi-room playback with voice.
  • Control any Chromecast built-in audio device from Google Voice Assistant enabled products.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Voice Service (AVS)

  • Alexa, Amazon's cloud based voice service, includes ”skills” which enable music content streaming, news feeds, weather updates and timers.  
  • StreamSDK uses AVS and its core skills to add voice control to connected products with built in microphones and speakers.
  • Additional Skills can be added to your product via the existing Amazon Alexa Skills Kit (ASK).   
  • Developer builds a cloud based service to handle skill requests, and once approved by Amazon, these third party skills enable you to adapt your product capabilities to your targeted consumer needs, or just to expand on the core skill API.